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For the price of an album you get all of them! Download a selection of 8 featured bands and 13 records + 7 more albums slated for mixing & release, from music producer Tim Aaron et al. The bands feature both his writing & performances Tim Aaron TV is an additional bonus collection of Aaron's compositions for TV (with a companion youtube channel) as well as his featured performances with other artists. The catalog spans 35 years, covers most genres, and its contributors number close to 100 people. Supporters can download all released material directly to iTunes. Please give your support for a few months. You will never be auto renewed and you can download as much as you like. When new material is added you will get notified.

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Tim Aᴀʀon Records
Los Angeles, California
Tim Aaron Records is a repository of bands and includes 190 recordings featuring Tim Aaron as a primary member in collaboration with a wide variety of artists. It includes Tim’s voice on one of the earliest known Rap studio recordings, memorializing Rap’s shift from funk (1981). It partners with Frozen Frequencies (Label). He is pictured here 10x. Find them all and get a free

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